Carriage House Farm competes for small business grants

Carriage House Farm is building a new agricultural site at 2872 Lawrenceburg Rd., North Bend Ohio, 45052.  This property was turned into a gravel pit to prevent an eminent domain seizure by the local government and is being brought back, slowly, as a producing part of the farm.  This was the original parcel, purchased in 1855 that the rest of the farm was built from.  Located at the foot of "Lost Bridge" overlooking the banks of the Miami River we hope it will be the future of our farm.  We have started building the first stage of a building that will house our "on-farm" market, our new office and education space, and space to expand our honey processing into.  It will allow us a central location to supply our distributor and handle mail orders and we hope, eventually to process grapes and pears here as our orchard and vineyard matures.  It will, essentially, become the hub from which everything radiates out on our farm.

IMG_1109_2We have funded the first portion of the construction which we hope to have completed by autumn and a portion of the interior build out which we hope to have completed by Spring of 2016.  Before we borrow more money we hope to secure some debt free capital by competing in several non-government small business development grants.

You can help us.

We have the farm entered in the Chase Bank's Mission: Main St. Grants competition.   Visit the link below and give us your vote. We only need 250 to go onto the next stage.



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