Honey Bee Swarm Season Is Here!

IMG_6561 It is that time of year!  Swarm season.  2016 looks to be starting early this year.  Typically, swarm season falls two weeks to either side of Mother's Day but this year we are already seeing honey bee swarms.

What is a swarm?  It is a group, or colony, of honey bees, thousands, that are moving, looking for a new place to start hive.  They have left their old home, splitting the colony in half, with a new queen remaining and the old queen moving out.

The queen can only fly so far before needing to rest.  The cloud of bees, which can be a hundred feet across, will land and protect the queen, surrounding her to keep her fed and warm.  This is the time people usually notice swarms.   The huge loose cloud of bees organizes itself into a tight cluster of bees about the size of a football.

They do not pose a threat unless a person is highly allergic to bee stings.  At this point they are easy to collect by a beekeeper to place in a new hive.

Carriage House Farm is always looking for swarms and will remove the cluster of swarming bees at no charge.  You can reach us by calling (513) 967-1106.  If we do not pick up the call initially, please text or send a photograph of the swarm to the same number and we will reply immediately.  The process is simple and quick and the hives will be relocated to one of several yards located in the western half of Hamilton County or South Eastern Indiana.

We will travel within the Greater-Cincinnati area, in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Again, you can contact Richard at 513-967-1106 (phone or text) or msg him via Facebook.


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