Help The MadHouse Vinegar Co. get a grant!

SO, while this isn't about the farm it is sort of relevant given how close we are tied at the waist.  The MadHouse Vinegar Co. is a business created by the manage of the farm and a chef, Justin Dean.  They have this crazy concept where they are using food grade waste from breweries to ferment some amazing malt vinegar as well as some crazy fruit wine vinegar including a coffee vinegar, persimmon vinegar, pawpaw vinegar, a wonderful umami vinegar featuring salt cured mountain ham, and a balsamic-esque malt vinegar that goes through a similar process to its grape must forefather.

MadHouse is competing for a grant over at Fed-Ex.  Grants are hard to come by for for-profit businesses and loans are tight these days so they are trying to grab the grand prize of 25K.

Head on over to the following link and lend them your support:

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