Products of the Garden

Harvesting edible flowers for chefs.

Organic gardening on the farm has been ongoing since before there was the phrase to describe it, beginning with the Hayes ancestors back in the mid-1800's.  Each succeeding generation tilled the soil on the land nearest the house and set out their tomato plants, sowed sweet pepper, cucumber, bean and squash seeds, and planted onion sets.  Over the last ten years, the garden has undergone a tremendous expansion in area, a high tunnel has been added to extend the growing season, raised herb beds have been constructed, new well water lines, packing house, and cold room additions have made harvesting a much easier task, and the variety of crops grown includes things our great-great grandparents, and even the grandparents would never have expected.  In the high tunnel we grow ginger…who even knew that could be grown in Ohio?  We still grow plenty of tomatoes, green beans, wax beans, cucumbers and peppers, but these days, most of the peppers are hot varieties.  We grow and sell garlic…a lot of garlic.  Swiss chard and several varieties of kale, nasturtiums for leaves, flowers and seeds for pickling, and micro greens are now staples of our farm gardens, and the list goes on.  We try to keep abreast of whatever is currently "hot" in the foodie world, and while we have not pursued organic certification, we do follow organic principles.  We do not use man-made chemical fertilizers, instead using compost, we do not spray our vegetables with pesticides, not even the pesticides permitted under organic certification, and we do some companion planting, some of which seems to work and some which does not.