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Honey Bee Swarm Season Is Here!

It is that time of year!  Swarm season.  2016 looks to be starting early this year.  Typically, swarm season falls two weeks to either side of Mother's Day but this year we are already seeing honey bee swarms. What is a swarm?  It is a group, or colony, of honey bees, thousands, that are moving,…
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Carriage House Farm 2015 Annual Farm Tour and Tasting

Volunteers and chefs from the 2013 Farm Tour and Tasting Carriage House Farm is a 300 acre Ohio Century Farm, established in 1855. This year we celebrate 160 years of family farming! The event will focus on who we supply in the Greater Cincinnati area and a chance for the community to tour our new…
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Carriage House Farm competes for small business grants

Carriage House Farm is building a new agricultural site at 2872 Lawrenceburg Rd., North Bend Ohio, 45052.  This property was turned into a gravel pit to prevent an eminent domain seizure by the local government and is being brought back, slowly, as a producing part of the farm.  This was the original parcel, purchased in…
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