Carriage House is a fine example of what a modern farm can and should be. Their deliberate and thoughtful approach to their land and what comes from it is refreshing and inspiring. Richard and Kate's enthusiasm for their craft rubs off every time they walk in our door, bundled down with their jewel-like radishes, brilliant honeys, and rustic grains.

Patrick Hague, Chef, Dutch's Larder

We pride ourselves in being an idealistic restaurant- so Carriage House Farm's product's fit right in at the Sleepy Bee. Quality, local and sustainable (not to mention delicious) produce, honey and grain on an idyllic farm, close to the city with an amazing, positive team to back it up. What more could you ask for?

Frances Kroner, Executive Chef, Sleepy Bee Cafe

Every year when spring approaches, we begin to think about the bounty, soon to be available from our good friends at Carriage House Farms. The care put into every product they grow is unparalleled, and the love for their craft shows through in every plate that we send out to our guests.

Jose Salazar, Executive Chef and Owner, Salazar

Carriage House Farm is a family owned independent business, just like us, and it's an honor to put their products on our menus.

Mike Florea, Executive Chef, Maribelle's