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Your Weekly Share of Veggies




carrots • tomatoes • salad greens • turnips • beets • chard

peppers • herbs • basil • cabbage • leeks • garlic • ginger

head lettuce • kale • kohlrabi • radish • summer squash

fennel • scallions • beans • bok choy • broccoli • onions



join our community of farm and food enthusiasts


 Become a friend of Carriage House Farm.

24 weeks of Veggies.  Valued at over $20 per week.  Picked up from Carriage House Farm or Findlay Market.

This CSA is the garden you always dreamed of growing and the community you've wanted to share it with. 


Experience farming first-hand.

You lend your help - we thank you with a greatly reduced cost.  Same veggies as a Standard share. 24 total hours of work on the farm. 

Get to know your farmers, learn about horticulture, bring the family, share in potluck celebrations, and enjoy the outdoors.




Community Supported Agriculture brings together food and character, consumer and grower, and people and place.  In a CSA, consumers invest in the farm at the beginning of the season, and farmers return to them a weekly share of the harvest.  This is a financial and communal model of farming that is widely adopted by small-scale, organic vegetable farmers.  This model arose as a way to engage food-lovers in local agriculture, but also to make it possible for smaller producers to assume the risks of farming.  

Farming is an industry that requires high-amounts of upfront investment; in a good season this investment returns beautiful and bountiful produce, yet in some seasons harvest may suffer due to environmental factors.  In order to resist mega-farms and grow a regional food culture, the CSA model has made it possible for small-scale producers to provide a fresher and more intimate approach to food.  At Carriage House we invite you to join us this season: challenge yourself to find meaning in your meals, discover a new vegetable, and support the farmers and land you care about.


What if I have to miss a week and cannot pick up my share? - We are happy to pack your share on an infrequent basis if every once-in-a-while you can't pick it up at the assigned time.  This would include us bagging your veggies and you picking them up at the soonest convenience.

What if I have to miss a series of weeks, because I am on vacation? - The best option is for you to gift your share to a friend or family who would appreciate the vegetables, while you are gone.  Just let us know and we will welcome them as if they were a member themselves.  If you are apart of the workshare, they could even come help on the farm for you while you're gone.

How much and what will my share include from week to week? - Weekly shares will vary by availability, but we shoot to provide a diverse abundance of salad greens, cooking greens, herbs, fruiting vegetables, and root crops each week.  This is an example of what a weekly share might look like: .5lb cherry tomatoes, 1lb Beets, 1 Cabbage, 1 bunch Basil, 1lb Summer Squash, 1oz oregano,  1lb Green Beans, 1/2 Onions, and, on-a-good week, maybe a little extra.