2019 On-Farm Dinner Series

The series features chefs supplied by the farm from around the Ohio River Valley.  We feature culinary talent that have made this region known for its wonderful food culture.  Each dinner has a small number of guests, rich in local, seasonal, food in close proximity to the chef overlooking the the land it was grown on and harvested from.

In 2019, we’re excited to announce that we will be offering a spring to fall series of dinners offered by our most prolific on-farm dinner chef: Dana Adkins. Additionally, Chef Jason Louda of La Soupe Cincinnati will be cooking several meals throughout the year—most of which will benefit La Soupe and the amazing work they do in the Cincinnati area fighting food insecurity in our community.

Events will be posted at the “Buy Tickets” link as they come. Please check back frequently for new listings and/or follow us on Facebook or join our mailing list for announcements of new events.


2018 Kitchen Classes

This series will take you through basic kitchen tips like weekly meal planning, best practices for food handling and storage, and how to make easy, nutritious meals featuring simple ingredients produced right here at the Farm.

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Booking an Event

Interested in hosting an event on the farm? Let's talk.