Carriage House Farm produces a wide range of vegetables, small grains, honey, and fruit.  We sell direct retail as well as wholesale.  You can find the best method from purchasing from the farm in the links below.



Carriage House Farm sells retail.  We have a brick and mortar farm market located on the farm and stand at Findlay Market.  You can purchase in-season products at either of these locations.  The farm also has a limited number of items available for retail on its website.  We can ship these times anywhere in the United States.  To learn more about any of these options click the link below.



Carriage House Farm offers wholesale pricing on its products for regional chefs and retailers.  You can learn more about this by clicking the link below.



Carriage House Farm has a 30 member Community Supported Agriculture available.  Members pay a single fee up front and are given shares of the production from May till November.  This design has been around for decades and has become popular through the country.  It allows members to get first choice of the harvest and it gives the farmer income during the beginning of the season when it is most needed.  To learn more click the link below.