On-Farm Market Grand Opening

We cannot believe that we're finally opening our on-farm market. It has taken years and years to get this building built--from a few sketches on paper to a full-fledged three dimensional structure that has actual windows and walls and doors and lights and plumbing.

And it's still not finished.

But in some ways, that makes loads of sense. We have so many future plans tied up in this building that it may never be finished. Kate wants to teach cooking classes. Amy wants to cook rustic pastries to sell in-house. Codee can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he's been thinking about fermenting things that would NOT be turned into vinegar. Richard wants it to be an event space, and a restaurant, and a community resource, and a teaching facility, and an experimental food lab and and and (If you know Richard, you know he hasn't met a plan that doesn't get him excited...). 

Although, when we say "it's still not finished," we literally mean the drywall isn't all hung yet. The painting isn't finished. None of the decorative finishes have been done to doorways or floors. You can see insulation in spots and piles of building material in corners.

But you will also see the potential. We promise.

The Details:

Carriage House Farm produce, honey, grains
Swan Maiden Soap
Chocolats Latour
Sixteen Bricks Bakery
Kelly Burns Woodworks
MadHouse Vinegar

Saturday, June 2nd  10AM-4PM

Carriage House Farm
2872 Lawrenceburg Road (at the foot of Lost Bridge)
North Bend, OH