Kitchen Classes

This series will take you through basic kitchen tips like weekly meal planning, best practices for food handling and storage, and how to make easy, nutritious meals featuring simple ingredients produced right here at Carriage House Farm!

Taught by Kate Cook.


01. Kitchen Under Control

We all want to be eating “better”, to be consuming “healthy” stuff, so we can feel better, have more energy, etc.. Most people consider cooking a chore, and are often afraid to try new things and techniques. There’s also the misconception that it costs a lot of money to eat well at home. Kate will change your mind. The first step is to get that kitchen under control! What do you really need to be able to “whip something up” for you and your family? How do you figure out how much of what to buy, when, and how long will it last in your fridge or pantry? What are the most essential tools for the home cook? Kate will tackle these questions and more, offering help for every budget.


When: TBA


02. World pantry

Are you a fan of cuisines from other parts of the world? Do you long for Indian or Chinese takeout, or that steaming bowl of Ramen… and do you wish you could make something exotic and comforting at home? Kate will walk you through the basics of some of her favorite international foods, like Indian curries, traditional Italian favorites, and Asian soups. Discussion will focus on “flavor families” and what kinds of ingredients you can keep in your fridge or pantry to make your favorite foreign foods at home!

When: TBA


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