Chef Adkins, 2019 On-Farm Dinner Series, May 18th
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Chef Adkins, 2019 On-Farm Dinner Series, May 18th


Chef Adkins has been doing on-farm dinners at Carriage House Farm for quite some time now. We recently did the math and realized that he has cooked the most dinners of all the chefs we have partnered with. And it feels like that needs some recognition.

So, in 2019, Carriage House Farm is excited to announce the Adkins Carriage House Farm Dinner Series. several Sundays and a few rare Saturdays throughout the coming year, Chef Adkins will be cooking for an intimate crowd at both the beautiful Garden Terrace and our new building on Lawrenceburg Road. Imagine a dinner prepared by a chef who knows the farm deeply, having a conversation with that land through food. A conversation about locality and seasonality and the terroir of the Ohio River Valley.

While we welcome our guests to purchase tickets for only one dinner of the season, we believe that purchasing tickets to a few dinners throughout the series will surprise you with the change of flavors and the way that one of our favorite chefs responds to seasonal availability.

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