CSA Standard - 2019 Membership

CSA Standard - 2019 Membership


24-Weeks of Vegetables:  MAY 28th - NOVEMBER 9th


  • Incredibly fresh, picked that day, no-spray veggies from our loamy, nutrient-dense soils

  • Valued at $20 per week + we love giving EXTRAS

  • Market-style pick-up: you select the best we have

  • Pick-up is Tuesdays (4:30-6:30) or Saturdays (8:30-11:30) at the Farm or Saturdays (8:30-11:30) at Findlay Market

  • a FREE sign-up gift of cornmeal and honey

  • newsletters with farm updates, recipes, & more

  • invitation to a late season celebration

For full details, we suggest prospective members view the CSA Membership Handbook

For a preview of the Member Agreement Form that all members will be asked to sign, check out 2018’s form by clicking here

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