2018 On-Farm Dinners: Dana Adkins of Premier Produce One and Eric Polhamus of La Petite Pierre

Our third farm dinner feels poised for real greatness. An awful lot of produce is coming to harvest in the garden. Our big on-farm market Grand Opening is happening the day before. And we have two excellent chefs cooking side-by-side to bring a delicious and beautiful meal to our guests--chefs Dana Adkins and Eric Polhamus.

Both chefs have storied careers.

Chef Dana Adkins--a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Pittsburgh--was the Executive Kitchen Manager for the Thunderdome Group (creators of The Eagle OTR, Bakersfield, Krueger’s Tavern and Currito) and prior to that he was with Coopers Hawk and Nada. He is now with Premier Produce One making him an expert in the very best in local produce, prep and catering. We can't think of someone we'd be more flattered to have using our fresh veg and forage to feed CHF guests.

Chef Eric Polhamus is the Executive Chef at La Petite Pierre. So, when you're trusted by Michele Adrian Vollman to head the kitchen of a 25 year old bistro and catering company named after her father Chef Pierre Adrian, there's not a whole lot else we need to hear about a chef's qualifications. But Polhamus was sous chef at Mita's during two James Beard nominations. And before that was working his way up through Chez Nous in Houston. Which means he's comfortable in a variety of culinary worlds and bringing a sensibility to French cooking that's updated and fresh.

And the cherry on top of all of this? Both chefs have coveted bragging rights for winning Maribelle's Food Fight. Chef Adkins won three times. Chef Polhamus won twice. 

These are the only two Food Fight winners who have deigned to cook on CHF's terrace. And they're cooking that meal together. So, you know... REALLY. BIG. DEAL. FOR. US.

As always, we can't wait to host a brilliant meal or to have it served to guests at CHF, and for the rest of you, we will share pictures early next week to rub it in that you didn't make it to the table.