2018 On-Farm Dinners: Jason Louda of La Soupe

We talk in superlatives here a lot about the chefs who cook for our on-farm dinners. We know. We're aware.

But we provide produce, grains, honey, and forage to chefs in Cincinnati--a town where you can't swing a cat without hitting a ridiculously talented chef. And so superlatives abound--not because we're overreacting, but because the culinary community of Cincinnati is just that good.

So, Chef Jason Louda? Gee whitakers is he great. He's cooked for our guests on the terrace before, always to glowing reviews. And watching him cook, it's easy to believe that he can do just about anything (culinarily speaking).

We suspect that Chef Louda would be a little embarrassed if we go on and on and on about him. He's kind and quiet and humble. But that maniac won a chili cook-off with vegan chili. Vegan. Chili. Who does that?

Chef Louda. That's who.

And he's been posting on Instagram sneak-peeks all week of the food he has been prepping out for Sunday dinner at the farm. Which has been making us hungry and jealous that we can't all attend.

Sous chef for Metropole. Executive chef for Meatball Kitchen. Until he found his calling as Executive chef for Suzy DeYoung's La Soupe--a kitchen that rescues perfectly good food that would have ended up in a landfill and turns it into tasty nutritious food to feed customers and the food insecure.  

Cincinnati has loads of great chefs. It turns out it also has a youth poverty problem. So, it's not an exaggeration to say that we're beyond proud to welcome to our terrace a great chef who has dedicated his talents to helping mitigate the hunger that attends poverty.

Can't wait, Chef Louda. Sincerely.

(We will be posting pictures on Monday per usual to show off the amazing food that was prepared and then eaten on the farm on Sunday. . . but instead of trying to make you jealous this time, we hope that you will visit La Soupe's website to find out more about them. And, if you're so inclined, donate to the righteous work they're doing.)