Grilled Meat Salad


Family Work Lunch*

It's easy to forget that sometimes the tastiest meals can come together at the last minute with very little effort. And this is never more true in our Ohio River valley from late spring through fall, when there is fresh produce available that takes very little fuss to make delicious. 

So, here's a rough recipe for a grilled meat salad. You can use any greens you want, any meat you want, and any additions that are in season and that you think are tasty (fresh corn? grilled ramps? green onions? watermelon? yes, yes, yes, and yes).


CHF Greens Mix
Green onions
Baby Lettuce
Grilled Presa (pork cut from Woodland Meats)
Sun-dried tomatoes
Holmes County Swiss cheese
Ohio River Valley Balsamic Vinegar (a honey back-sweetened dark malt vinegar from MadHouse Vinegar)
salt and pepper to taste


Season meat with salt and pepper on all sides. Grill meat and slice. Toss together all ingredients with a few dashes of vinegar. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Eat all of it before your stomach can tell you you're full.

*FAMILY WORK LUNCH: We're a little into food at CHF. We all love to cook and when we get together for meetings, we try to have family lunches using whatever we can scrounge up in the garden, the stand freezer, and/or can remember to bring in with us from our home larders. They're usually rustic and rely less on specific measured quantities of foods and more on tasting as we go.