Basic Switchel

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Switchel has been gaining in popularity for years as the exciting new drink to quench your thirst and quickly replace electrolytes, but it’s actually a very old drink. It was popular in New England as early as the 1700’s and by the 1900’s was provided to farmers and workers while bringing in hay, which is why it is also known as “haymaker’s punch”.

We’ve been drinking it a lot lately as the hot weather settles in. After all, we meet for lunch most days in a building packed to the gills with both honey and vinegar. . . kind of a no-brainer.

makes one serving


3 TBSP Honey Simple Syrup
2 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar (good quality, we use MadHouse ACV)
1 cup sparkling water (or still water)



Honey simple syrup is equal parts honey and water, bring to a boil, take off heat and store in the fridge. Seriously, it doesn’t go bad so it’s okay to make a big batch. And you have to use simple syrup because honey won’t dissolve in cold water.

Optional: add mint leaves, lemon juice or lemon balm herb, a splash of fruit juice, a splash of liquor, boil a few nubs of ginger in the honey simple syrup while preparing that. Add more vinegar or more simple syrup if you like it more acidic or sweeter. Get creative. Remember this is a “basic” recipe. Just a starting point.