Happy New Year, It's CSA Sign-Up Time!

It's January 4th. It's cold and gray and rainy, but we're looking at seed catalogs and planning crop plantings and setting the calendar for this year's events. We have so many exciting plans for 2019 that we actually love this weather. It forces us to stay in and write all of those plans down. 

In the coming year, we plan to build another high tunnel at the other end of our property, closer to the on-farm market. We're going to be adding more shelf-stable items (jams, sauces, spices, etc.) to our offerings at the on-farm market. We have new staff coming on, who we will introduce to you soon. And we're expanding our CSA.

Our CSA is one of the ways that we can bring all of those future plans to fruition, and we hope you'll consider purchasing a share this year.

The 2018 CSA season was a great success--thanks in large part to the amazing unflagging work of Megan Gambrill and Greg "Gregplant" Nicaise, plus all of our great CSA workshare members who worked rain and shine to bring in our harvest from planting all the way to washing for market. Even with the wonky weather at the start of the summer that had farmers scrambling all across the region, we were able to provide our CSA members with value plus every week of the run of the program.

And beyond the financial support and the field work our CSA members committed to the farm, we just really enjoyed meeting them. We had a few social events throughout the season, and we love nothing more than meeting and spending time with the families our land is feeding. It's fun and also fills us with pride in a job well done.

Want to be a part of that community? We'd love to have you. CSA Shares are available for purchase online.